Building For The Future

Clarkston United Methodist Church is built on a foundation of faith and community impact. We have been a cornerstone in the community for over 150 years. Since the original dwelling at the corner of Buffalo and Church streets, we have grown in faith, fellowship and outreach. Our church family has been involved in a number of moves and changes, designed to meet the ministry needs of our church and community. In 1957, the church made a monumental decision to create space for future ministry. The congregation moved out of the building that had held them for decades to create the church we now call home.

Following several years of study, workshops, and discernment, we believe that now is the time to expand and re-purpose existing areas to make our space more functional and better aligned with our ministry goals. Our vision is to create an accessible, welcoming and usable place for today and future generations, to fulfill our mission to Vitally Connect People to People and People to God.

Today, we are at another transition point in the life of our church. Just as our spiritual parents made the decision to move down the hill, we must be the ones to embrace this exciting opportunity to transform our facility to meet the growing ministry needs of our membership, programs and outreach.

Vitally Connecting People To People & People To God

Clarkston UMC Home